Prophecy Today

Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

We should take note, everything is converging, 

and the rapture of the True Church is close.



Israel v Hamas

Following the barbaric atrocities of October 7th 2023 where over 1400 Israelis were killed and around 240 were abducted, Israel, in defending itself, set about the destruction of the terrorists Hamas.

How quickly the World lost sight of the atrocities and began to once again demonise Israel. How soon the mainstream media sided with the Palestinian cause and condemned Israel.

Yet, despite, the lies and the propaganda from Hamas, the IDF have continued to act according to International law, and made every effort to protect civilians.

News agencies have continued to take the word of terrorists, without independent verification, that Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians, have denied that Hamas operates out of Hospitals, do not accept that Hamas uses its own people as shields.

As a result antisemitism is at an all time high.

Let us not forget that Israel has every right to protect itself, they are not an occupying nation, It is their Land.

PRAY for Israel as a nation and its Defence forces, Pray for the families of those who have been murdered and abducted, Pray for the genuine Palestinian people who do not follow Hamas and want to live in peace.


How the coronavirus sets the stage for the End Times

Covid changed the world, bringing death and fear to millions of people and causing them to have vaccines that were rushed through.

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World Health Organisation

Growing calls for a One World Government in response to virus outbreak

An antichrist system that controls all of humanity is a requirement of Revelation 13. The WHO is using the COVID pandemic as a power grab over the nations of the world that could bring this about.

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Climate Change

Climate change is fast becoming the new religion.....

Once again the world elite and their followers have deceived people into thinking the world is spiralling out of control because of the increase in CO2 levels.

The world has now begun to worship the 'created' instead of the Creator in a bid to be free

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